Rare Coast Salish book Event

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Tue. Mar. 14/17 09:00 AM to Sat. Mar. 18/17 07:00 PM

Snuneymuxw Band Offices, Tuesday and Wednesday, March 14 and 15th, 9 - 4:30

Woodgrove Centre Mall, 6631 Island Highway North, Nanaimo Thursday, March 16 and Friday, March 17th, 10:00 to 9:00, Saturday March 18th, 10:00-7:00

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David Ellis, Bookseller to First Nations
cell/txt 604-916-6081

David has been building this Coast Salish Book collection for 23 years, Google "david ellis globe mail"
Feel free to order for personal and family possession also visit his book store at 1818 Quebec Street in Vancouver - call or txt ahead first 604 916 6081.

List By David Ellis, Bookseller to First Nations

Hewes (1973) Indian Fisheries productivity in pre-contact times.
Key calculations by this master anthropologist gives "S.E. Vancouver Island" 500 lbs per person per year historic average [of Food, Social, Ceremonial] fish, this exceeded only by Thompson Nicola and Lillooet and Lower Fraser

Ricker (1987) Effects of the fishery and of obstacles to migration on the abundance of Fraser River sockeye salmon
This key paper PROVES THAT THE FRASER RUNS AVERAGED 100 MILLION BEFORE 1912 and the river must be rebuilt to that level to allow all First Nations to "fish as formerly" by the traditional means (Remember: the Fraser rebuilt to 30 million in 2010 before the DFO allowed ocean overfishing to drive stocks down again)

Ware, Reuben. 1983. Five Issues Five Battlegrounds: An Introduction to the History of Indian Fishing in British Columbia

Barnett, Coast Salish (very rare now, one copy)
Duff, Wilson. 1969. The Fort Victoria Treaties. BC Studies
Fort Victoria Letters HBC
Tolmie, William. 1963. Physician & Fur Trader

Jilek, Wolfgang G. 1992. Indian Healing

Simon Charlie: Salish Carver

Carlson, Keith Thor. 1996. You are Asked to Witness: The Stó:lô in Canada's Pacific Coast History

Jenness, Diamond. 1935. The Saanich Indians of Vancouver Island
Jenness, Diamond. 1955. Faith of a Coast Salish Indian

Wells, Oliver, August Jack Khahtsahlano, and Domanic Charlie. 1966. Squamish Legends

Boas, the Snuneymuxw

"Hul'q'umi'num' Island Dictionary
Galloway, Brent. 1993. A Grammar of Upriver Halkomelem
Galloway, Brent. 1980. Tó:Lméls Ye Siyelyólexwa: Wisdom of the Elders

Suttles, Wayne. 1990. Central Coast Salish. In Handbook of North American Indians Volume 7, Northwest Coast., ed. Wayne Suttles. Washington: Smithsonian Institution Press. Key summary that is the 'go to book" for the government on Coast Salish history, read it so you will know how they look, at you.

Suttles, Musqueam Grammer

Suttles, Wayne. (1974). The Economic Life of the Coast Salish of Haro and Rosario Straits. New York: Garland Publishing Inc.

Elliott, Dave Sr. 1990. Saltwater People

Duff, Wilson. 1952. The Upper Stalo Indians of the Fraser Valley, British Columbia.

Jane, Cecil. 1930. A Spanish Voyage to Vancouver and the North-West Coast of America being the Narrative of the Voyage made in the Year 1792 by the Schooners Sutil and Mexicana to Explore the Strait of Fuca

Dougan, R. I. 1973. Cowichan My Valley: Early Homestead of John Taggart on Camergon-Taggart Road 1892


Teit and others (1928) BUREAU OF AMERICAN ETHNOLOGY, 41st ANNUAL REPORT, 1919-1924; Coiled Basketry in British Columbia. This huge report examines family basket design and decoration in B.C. and surrounding region, from the 1000s of baskets now stored in the collections in the American museum.  626 pages, 137 plates, 200 figures.
First (and only) Edition

Farrand, Livingston. 1900. Basketry Designs of the Salish Indians.

Wilson and others (1954) The Building of the Trans Mountain Pipeline
This pipe line should have been replaced long ago and is overdue for a break that will destroy the productivity of the lower Fraser for Chilcotin origin salmon smolts. This is the book that shows just how the pipeline was built, by who and under what [rushed] conditions, and the three types of steel used. It will be important for future litigation (WHEN the pipe breaks)

Cowichan histories

Chief Dan George framable prints


Vancouver's journal (actually Puget his officer) (First contact)

Vancouver's journal (actually Menzies his botanist) (First contact)

Residential schools and oblate history including Kuper Island

Missing Vancouver women books: Missing Sarah, Bad Date

Carlson, Keith Thor, ed. 2001. A Stó:lô-Coast Salish Historical Atlas

Wells, Oliver. 1970. Myths and Legends of the STAW-Loh Indians of South Western British Columbia

Chemainus First Nation. 200. Eagle Power: A Legend as Told by the Chemainus First Nation Elders.

Coast Salish Art
Coast Salish Weaving
Wells, Oliver. 1970. Salish Weaving Primitive and Modern
Wells, Oliver. 1966. Return of the Salish Loom.
Coast Salish ethnobotany

Chinook dictionary

Land, Man, and the Law, by Cail
Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) safety assessment book (U.S. coast guard)
Technical report, Trans Mountain pipeline, 1952
herring biology and DFO policy
herring commercial fishery history, Nanaimo region
Nanaimo estuary environmental history
Salmon fry identification
Fraser river 100 million sockeye rebuilding proof of claim (the river can be rebuilt to this number; rare DFO document)
Cedar: Culturally modified trees book (litigable, Haida use it extensively)

Cedar by Hilary Stewart
rare NW coast art books

Thomas Crosby, Among the An-Ko-Me-Nums (established Coqualeetza Residential School)
Thomas Crosby Up and Down the Pacific (Nanaimo and north coast)
sasqatch books
mushroom books

First Nations children’s books
White, Ellen. 1981. Kwulasulwut: Stories from the Coast Salish. Nanaimo
White, Ellen. 1997. Kwulasulwut II: More Stories from the Coast Salish

Tsleil-Waututh (the play)

Lilwat stories Charlie Mack

Kwakwaka'wakw art books

Franz Boas, Henry Hunt, Kwakwaka'wakw family histories

Navajo weaving