Waste Management & Maintenance Worker (on call)

Job Description: 

Reporting to the Maintenance Coordinator, the Wast Management and Maintenance Worker is responsible for the curbside collection of garbage and recycling materials in SFN communities on a weekly basis in addition to performing basic maintenance duties as required.

Application Deadline: 
Friday, October 6, 2017
Job Type: 
Employment (Part Time)
Job Responsibilities: 

1/ Collects, loads and transports SFN residential garbage and recycling to landfill sites and recycling depots two days per week, and as needed for additional collection requirements.  Garbage may include items up to 50 pounds in weight.  

2/ Drives, mounts and dismounts SFN's garbage collection truck in a safe and responsible manner for garbage and recycling collection.

3/ Complies with all local and provincial transportation regulations and with related SFN policies including the Lone Worker/Working Alone policy and procedure.  

4/ Communicates professionally with community members and others at all times.

5/ Completes the Solid Waster/Recycling Log to record community member concerns and waste compliance issues.  

6/ Completes a daily pre and post trip truck inspection as per the procedure and documents any items requiring maintenance.  

7/ Cleans the interior and exterior of the garbage collection truck on an as needed basis.  

8/ Utilizes supplied safety equipment including, but not limited to, coveralls, gloves and steel toed boots.  

9/ Assists with basic maintenance and approved emergency repair work including carpentry, construction, minor plumbing, drainage, and water/sewer and electrical maintenance, as required.  

10/ Other duties as assigned.

Job Benefits and Salary: 

To be determined.

Desired Experience: 

1/ Must be physically fit to perform physical requirements of the position.

2/ Ability to work in all weather extremes including hot, cold, wet or dry conditions.

3/Ability to exercise good judgment, show initiative and be proactive.

4/ Ensure conflict situations are handled with tact, diplomacy and sensitivity.

5/ Must be willing to work in potentially unpleasant working conditions when handling garbage.  

Desired Education: 

-Holder of a Class 5 dirver's licence with a clean driving record.

-Successfully pass third party pre-employment physical testing and examination plus a criminal record check.

Additional Info: 

Please contact jamesw@snuneymuxw.ca

SFN 668 Centre Street, Nanaimo V9R 4Z4

Fax: 250-753-3492