Snuneymuxw First Nation
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Date: Thursday, June 27th, 2024
Time: 4pm

(Please note, we may need to reschedule meetings as needed. If that happens, we will update the info here.)


The move to make Chief and Council meetings available for live viewing online is a important step that enhances community engagement, transparency, and accountability.

To access, please follow the following steps: 

1. Register to attend Chief and Council meeting online by emailing your first and last name, and status number, to SFN Governance Clerk,

Deadline to register is 2pm same day as Chief and Council meeting.

2. You will receive an email with the link to the C+C meeting on the same day as meeting.

3. Click link and enter code to enter meeting.


Need help with registering or accessing meeting?
Please send an email to our IT support, at
Send over your questions or schedule a time to connect. Gord will help ensure you can join the meeting.



·         Increased community awareness of the decisions of Chief and Council.

·         Improve access to Chief and Council Meetings.

·         Provides greater access to Council decision making and debate, which promotes and encourages more openness and transparency.

·         Publicly shares contributions of Chief and Council members.


·        From time to time, there may be circumstances where Chief and Council may have to go “in- camera” for all or part of a meeting. During this part of the meeting, a motion will be made to go into a closed session and the broadcast of the live stream will cease.

·        All Regular Council Meetings may be streamed live and available via a private meeting link on a live stream meeting platform such as Microsoft Teams and/or Zoom. Streams will not be accessible without a link.

·        Chief and Council will make every reasonable effort to ensure that a live stream is available. However, technical difficulties may arise in relation to live streaming which could prevent or interfere with the efforts to live stream the meetings.

·       Live streaming will begin at the meeting time identified on the Meeting Agenda and cease when the meeting ends. During any parts of a meeting that are held in a closed session, the live stream experience for viewers will be blank on-screen until the meeting opens to a regular session once again.

·        Confidential Chief and Council Meetings and closed sessions of business in a duly convened meeting will not be streamed live and will not be recorded or made available later as a recording.

·         All persons attending the meeting will be required to keep their cameras and microphones off unless they have a previously confirmed opportunity to make a delegation to the Council.

·       A central attendees/guest registration list will be maintained by Clerk. This list confirms Snuneymuxw members and public guests for each Chief and Council meeting.

·       The content of live streamed Snuneymuxw First Nation Chief and Council Meetings is intended for Snuneymuxw members only.

·       Clerk will ensure that only confirmed Snuneymuxw members and approved public guests will be permitted to enter the live-streamed Chief and Council meeting. SFN members and public guests are prohibited from distributing the access link. Should the access link be distributed contrary to this policy, the following actions could take place:

      • Occurrence 1: Written Warning outlining the offence under this policy and the progressive action steps for future occurrences.
      • Occurrence 2: Ban from future Chief and Council meetings for a period of 3 months from the date of second occurrence.
      • Occurrence 3: Ban from future Chief and Council meetings for a period of 1year from the date of third occurrence. A written request to rejoin future Chief and Council meetings will be required.

·       Chief and Council meetings will be announced through Snuneymuxw communication channels.

·       While entire Chief and Council Meetings may not be shared or archived, segments of Council Meetings may be published at the direction of the Council or the Chief.