Snuneymuxw First Nation
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Snuneymuxw governance is rooted in our Snawayalth (teachings) and worldview, which emphasize our core values: mutual respect and recognition, the interconnection of all things in creation, and our stewardship and jurisdiction over our lands and resources. The longhouse, lands, language, and laws are all active expressions of core values that play an essential role in our governance. It is through our model of governance that Snuneymuxw has always upheld its self-determination and territorial sovereignty.

The primary purpose of our government is to protect and safeguard our citizens and their rights, our lands and waters, enhance quality of life, and create opportunities to unlock social and economic potential. We seek to advance Snuneymuxw individuals and our Nation as a whole through the decisions we make as a government.

Our Snawayalth directs us to be respectful in our consultation and to listen to each voice and build towards a decision based on group consensus. A key principle of our decision-making is unity. All of our voices have a place in the decisions that must be made, and we are vigilant in nurturing and advancing our shared purpose.

In our Sarlequun Snuneymuxw Treaty of 1854, the British Crown recognized Snuneymuxw self-determination and Aboriginal Title, as well as our way of life and culture. Snuneymuxw village sites throughout our vast Territory, were recognized and protected through the Treaty.

The laws, policies and actions of the Crown have resulted in significant and unjust imposition and interference with our governance. The Indian Act imposed a foreign system of governance upon us and outlawed key elements of our governance structure. Treaty promises have been broken.

Today, Snuneymuxw governance is based on enduring values and principles of governance, and overcomes the scourge of oppressive Crown laws and policies. As an expression of our enduring values, self-determination and sovereignty, Snuneymuxw elections of Chief and Council are based on our own custom code of laws. Chief and Council are elected into a four-year term position, with half of the Council positions staggered with elections every two years.

Chief Michael Wyse, Xumtilum

Years on Council: 2014 – Present
Phone: 250-740-2337

Chief Michael Wyse (Xumtilum) is a proud member of the Snuneymuxw First Nation and is honoured to serve our membership as Chief. He is the son of Joe Wyse and late Chief Viola Wyse, married to Kora and together they have three sons.

Chief Mike Wyse’s time as councillor and Chief has been informed by listening to the Snuneymuxw community and taking the time to understand our community priorities and hardships.

The collective vision for Snuneymuxw includes a self-determined, strong, prosperous, and healthy community, where Snuneymuxw people live in equality, mutual respect, and according to the teaching of our traditions and culture.

Some highlights of the work Chief Wyse accomplished in collaboration with Council and community while in office:

  • Snuneymuxw’s agreements with Canada and British Columbia that outline a Nation-to-Nation relationship, recognizes and implements our Treaty of 1854 rights and culture, and identifies sacred villages that will be returned to Snuneymuxw.
  • Building the Snuneymuxw economy with our new gas station, new retail cannabis store, new hotel, and creating jobs for our people.
  • Improving infrastructure for our community with widening Needham Street and creating the new Snuneymuxw Learning Academy.
  • Opening our SFN elementary school, Qwam Qwum Stuwixwulh.
  • Negotiating the return of over 700 acres, including ~200 acres of addition-to-reserve land.
  • Enhancing supports for community in times of need.

Thank you for entrusting me with the honour to lead our great Nation into the future.

Councillor Elias (Eli) Wyse

Community Development (Chair)
Health and Wellness (Co-chair)

Years on Council: 2024 – Present
Phone: 250-740-2337

Councillor Edward Good Sr

Lands and Resources (Chair)
Culture and Language (Co-Chair)

Years on Council: 2022 – Present
Phone: 250-740-2337

Councillor Kate Good

Rights Implementation (Chair)
Education, Employment & Social Development (Co-chair)

Years on Council: 2014 – Present
Phone: 250-740-2337

Kate Good is the proud daughter of Joe Wyse and late Chief Viola Wyse, married to Ed Good Sr and the mother to Edward Jr., JoJo and Carter. Kate was born and raised in the Snuneymuxw territory and cherishes the traditional teachings she was raised with.

Having worked in many different administrative roles, Kate is currently the Crisis Support & Wellness Elders Coordinator for Snuneymuxw First Nation, dedicated to supporting Elders and other members who need additional support and care. She is also the Tournament Director of the annual Snuneymuxw Days event in July.

Kate is honoured to advocate for Snuneymuxw people today, while considering how her decisions will benefit generations to come.

Thank you, Snuneymuxw members, for your continued trust and support!

Councillor Wanda Good

Housing (Chair)
Rights Implementation (Co-Chair)

Years on Council: 2022 – Present
Phone: 250-740-2337

Wanda Good is mother to Kyle Good, and the daughter of late Peter Good and former council member Sandra Good. Wanda’s maternal grandparents were Gertrude Point (Musqueam) and Harvey Johnny (Snuneymuxw) and her paternal grandparents were Caroline Johnson (Sechelt) and Peter Good (Snuneymuxw).

Wanda has worked in Social Work since 2012 and is currently employed with Kwumut Lelum’s Health and Wellness Team as a Wellness Counsellor, supporting children and families in a culturally appropriate manner.

Wanda is currently pursuing a Masters of Social Work – Indigenous Trauma and Resiliency. Her academic and professional background have underscored the importance of providing trauma informed care and committing to personal healing work.

Initiated into the longhouse, Wanda follows our traditional ways of being through S' nuw uy' ulh, which has been passed onto us by our Elders and ancestors. Wanda believes that our sacred culture and knowledge enable us to work more effectively together, as one, and move us towards healing ourselves and our community.

Councillor Erralyn Joseph

Finance & Audit (Chair)
Economic Development (Co-chair)

Years on Council: 2014 – Present
Phone: 250-740-2337

Erralyn Joseph is 36 years young, married to Joshua Joseph and together they have two children, Joshua Joseph JR and Lizzie Joseph. 

Erralyn received a lacrosse scholarship to attend Niagara University where she received a Bachelor or Science in criminology and political science.

Her professional experience includes providing technical support on public policy priorities and government-to-government relations, criminal and aboriginal law practice, and provincial First Nation youth leadership.

Erralyn is the Assistant Negotiator for Snuneymuxw First Nation, and the President for Petroglyph Development Group. She is a board of director of the Nanaimo Chamber of Commerce and the newly formed Nanaimo Prosperity Corporation. 

Other notable positions Erralyn has held include Governor for Vancouver Island University for 6 years, and Female Youth Representative for BC Assembly of First Nations.

As the BC Assembly of First Nations Female Youth Rep, she worked with regional chief Jody Wilson-Reybould and First Nation Chiefs to strengthen youth leadership and identify youth priorities, through provincial youth gatherings, which may be integrated within decision-making processes, provincially, federally, and within Chief and Councils.

As an Aboriginal Youth Intern working with the government of BC and the First Nations Summit, she gained experience with both governmental and First Nations bureaucratic processes, honing her ability to provide analytical, critical and practical analysis on various public policy, legal and political issues.

Erralyn’s goals and responsibilities are focused primarily on advancing Snuneymuxw title and rights and treaty implementation for the Sarlequun Snuneymuxw Treaty of 1854 and strengthening the Snuneymuxw economy.

Since 2020, Snuneymuxw has signed constructive arrangements or agreements that are geared towards treaty implementation for the Snuneymuxw Peoples.

Erralyn is committed to strengthening the Snuneymuxw economy by facilitating economic and business development that helps improve the quality of life for Snuneymuxw Peoples. For more information on our development projects, please see

These priorities, in her view, are important to nurturing self-determination for Snuneymuxw First Nation and upholding equality, harmony and prosperity.

Councillor Emmy Manson

Governance and Admin (Chair)
Housing (Co-Chair)

Years on Council: 2014 – Present
Phone: 250-740-2337

Emmy Manson is the daughter of Dean Manson and Faye Thomas and was blessed to be raised by her late Grandmother, Emily Manson. Emmy is the proud mother of Jessie and Trey and grandmother.

Emmy has completed a Bachelor Degree in Social Work and achieved a Masters Degree in Social Work from the University of Victoria.

With experience as a Wellness Administrator with SFN and Manager of Wellness and Mental Health with the Inter Tribal Health Authority, Emmy brings a wealth of experience in serving the needs of families and developing open and inclusive communication.

Emmy strives to place the best interest of all Snuneymuxw Mustimuxw in every decision for the Nation. Some of her most recent work experience includes:

  • Promoting Recovery and Sober Living
  • Implementing Trauma Informed Training for Health Staff
  • Leading the restructuring of the Health Centre’s Health Plan

As both a member of the longhouse and a Hulquminum student at SFU, Emmy has learned the importance of connecting traditional culture with daily life, and the value of a strong living language in the community.

Emmy strives daily to make Snuneymuxw ancestors proud and is honoured by all the work they did to ensure we are still thriving today.

Councillor Regan Seward

Culture and Language (Chair)
Lands and Resources (Co-chair)

Years on Council: 2014 – Present
Phone: 250-740-2337

Regan has gained extensive experience supporting the Snuneymuxw Health Centre for the past 20+ years.

Regan is currently working as Non-Insured Health Benefits Clerk for Snuneymuxw First Nation and is responsible for assisting Snuneymuxw members who are eligible for Health Canada to cover medical expenses.

Previous to his work in the Snuneymuxw Health Centre, Regan worked with the Snuneymuxw Administration department for 5 years and the Education department for 2 years.

Regan holds strong beliefs in our culture, traditions and language and strives to continually serve and help our community.

Councillor Isaac Thomas

Health and Wellness (Chair)
Community Development (Co-chair)

Years on Council: 2014 – Present
Phone: 250-740-2337

Councillor Tzuq'nustun (Paul Wyse-Seward)

Economic Development (Chair)
Finance and Audit (Co-chair)

Years on Council: 2010-Present
Phone: 250-740-2337

Tzuq'nustun (Paul Wyse-Seward) is honoured to have deep Snuneymuxw roots.

Tzuq'nustun has sat on a number of Snuneymuxw committees, alongside SFN Councillors and Chief.

He is active in lacrosse and canoeing.

Tzuq'nustun knows that our community is gifted with amazingly talented youth. Given that our youth are the future, he goes above and beyond to be a part of helping create opportunities to ensure Snuneymuxw youth can share their gifts and skills, and most importantly, know their worth. Tzuq'nustun enjoys every minute of working towards the betterment of our Suneymuxw Mustimuxw.

Councillor Sqwulutsultun William (Bill) Yoachim

Education, Employment & Social Development (Chair)
Governance and Admin (Co-chair)

Years on Council: 2002-2014, 2020-present
Phone: 250-740-2337

William Yoachim, Sqwulutsultun is the son of the late Ivy Wyse, and grandson to Eva and Alfred Wyse.

William is the Executive Director of Kw’umut Lelum Child and Family Services in Nanaimo.  Over the past 15 years, he has led the agency through expanded levels of delegation, to provide the full range of services mandated by the Child, Family and Community Service Act to all of its nine Member Nations.  His passion for innovation and his commitment to resumption of jurisdiction to Indigenous people to resume control over child and family services has resulted in an expansion of the Kw’umut Lelum mandate to serve the families of our member Nations both in community and in the urban populations of central Vancouver Island. He is also the co-founder and a key organizer of the annual Hope and Health movement, an event put on in partnership with Whitecaps FC that utilizes soccer to inspire hope and health across Indigenous communities in BC.

During his term on Nanaimo city council (2014-2018), William strengthened the political voice of Indigenous people and advocated tirelessly to better the lives of Indigenous children and families.

He is a member of the Assembly of First Nations’ Chiefs Committee on Child and Family Services and Self-Determination that provides input, oversight and guidance on the Nation-wide implementation of the Act Respecting First Nations, Inuit and Metis children, youth and families.

William served on the Board of Directors of Vancouver Island University for 6 years where he helped to implement a tuition waiver program for children in care that is now province wide. He also sat on the Nanaimo Economic Development Committee for 2 years.

William is honoured to work on behalf of Snuneymuxw members to achieve the best for our Nation.