Snuneymuxw First Nation
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Green Energy Projects

Snuneymuxw First Nations green energy projects play an important role in promoting economic development, environmental responsibility, and cultural preservation within our community. They offer a path towards energy independence, economic empowerment, and sustainable development while contributing to global efforts to combat climate change on Mother Earth.

These are some of the projects that Snuneymuxw First Nation is exploring and working on throughout the Snuneymuxw: 

  1. Hydroelectricity Projects:
    1. Admin Building HVAC retrofit
    2. Daycare HVAC retrofit – Completed
    3. Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
  2. Bioenergy Projects:
    1. FireSmart Program tree trimming and gathering for Cultural Burning 
  3. Solar Energy Projects:
    1. Snuneymuxw Rec Centre Solar photovoltaic panels
    2. Language Centre & School Solar photovoltaic panels
    3. Health Centre Solar photovoltaic panels
    4. Community Kitchen Solar photovoltaic panels
  4. Geothermal Energy Projects:
    1. Exploring opportunities
  5. Ocean Energy Projects:
    1. Marine Division exploring opportunities
  6. Community Energy Champion related priorities, including creating an updated Snuneymuxw Community Energy and Emissions Plan (2024)