Snuneymuxw First Nation
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Marine Division Programs

Current marine division intiatives.

What We are Working On


What is the Aboriginal Fisheries Strategy

Habitat Assessment

Streams Around the area

Limnological Studies Nanaimo Lakes

Water Quality Monitoring

Stock Assessment

Fishing Effort Surveys

Chantal’s Work

Habitat Restoration

Streams Around the area

Food Fish

Food Fish 2022

Guardian Program

TMX Accommodation

Traditional Knowledge

Salish Sea Initiative

Sensitive and Valuable Ecosystem Mapping

Water Quality Monitoring

Baseline Data Acquisition

Cumulative Effects

Rockfish Conservation Area Monitoring

Co-Development Community Response

Spill Response Preparedness

Emergency Response

Derelict Vessels

Search and Rescue Capacity Building

Enhanced Maritime Situational Awareness (EMSA)

Tracking Shipping in Real Time

Marine Safety Equipment and Training

Purchase Safety Equipment for Community

Aquatic Habitat Restoration Fund

Estuary Work

Kelp Forest Restoration

Spawning Gravel Restoration

Surface and Groundwater Mapping Nanaimo Watershed

Capacity Building

Spill Response


Drone Pilot Training

Youth Ambassador Training

ROV and CTD Training

Geographic Information Systems

Cumulative Effects

Cumulative Effects Marine Shipping

Sensitive Ecosystem Mapping

Climate Change

Food Security

Invasive Species

Mitigation Strategies

Adaptation Strategies

Other Initiatives

Indigenous Management Board

Coastal Management Plan

British Columbia

Marine Protected Areas
Parks Canada

Salish Sea Conservation Area

WATCH Program

Plankton Samples

Lab Setup

Snuneymuxw Marine Plan

Marine Observatory

Youth Outreach Program

ONC Youth Ambassador

Aquarium Christy

Salish Sea Aquarium